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Do you ever wonder why, despite following all the industry advice, your organization still struggles to bridge the gap between strategy and execution? You’re not alone. Many companies face the same challenge, and the root cause might surprise you. 

When I was writing The IMPACT Engine: Accelerating Strategy Delivery for PMO Leaders, I delved deep into why typical guidance often fails. What I found was eye-opening: the traditional “Plan-then-Do” approach is outdated and inadequate for today’s fast-paced environment. And throwing the strategy over the fence to be executed without including delivery leaders in the strategy process fails every time.  

But here’s the exciting part – In this episode, I’ll share how the IMPACT Engine System offers a fresh, holistic approach that completely eliminates the concept of gaps between these two components, and includes the one that’s missing (hint: it’s after the execution is done) while also helping you earn your seat at the table in the process. 

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P.S. You can read chapter one here. 

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