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PMI Talent Triangle: Ways of Working

Hey, IMPACT Driver!
This week, we’re featuring Stuart Easton, CEO of TransparentChoice, and talking all about whether or not you really can use AI to transform your transformation.
Episode Highlights:
  • Why Portfolio Management is So Important: Explore why effective portfolio management is pivotal for maximizing ROI and driving strategic change.
  • The Role of AI: Unpack the realities of AI in managing complex portfolios and organizational dynamics.
  • Expert Insights: Learn from Stuart’s extensive expertise in project prioritization and portfolio governance.
A couple of weeks after International PMO Day and right before Stuart and I head off to Saudi Arabia for the Global Project Management Forum, we’re hopping on a webinar to give you a sneak peek into The IMPACT Engine book. Don’t forget to sign up for our eye-opening webinar with Stuart Easton, where we’ll talk about the FIRST place you should start if you want to accelerate the delivery of your organization’s strategy.
Let me know what you think! Enjoy!
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