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PMI Talent Triangle: Power Skills

Hey, IMPACT Driver! 

Climate dominates sustainability talk, but true sustainability runs deeper than carbon footprints. It means embedding ethical, social, and ecological values into the core of an organization.   

In this episode, I’m joined by Mark Adler Madsen and Brian Cohn for a two-part series on managing sustainability projects and doing so in a sustainable way.  

This week, we’re looking at how sustainability strengthens the bottom line by building employee and customer trust – and what you can do as an IMPACT Driver. You’ll learn about IMPACT analysis and other tools to make sustainability tangible for your own PMO. Hear why an internally-facing PMO holds the key to a resilient, thriving organization. 

Join us for this episode to discover the key to transforming your PMO into a driving force for meaningful sustainability – and the secret to boosting your bottom line.



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