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PMI Talent Triangle: Business Acumen (Strategic and Business Management)

Hey, IMPACT Driver! 

This week, I’ve got something a little different for you. Instead of giving you something to listen to, I’m going to ask you to take action! 

My team and I have spent the last few months working on the ultimate PMO Health Assessment. It’s a 20+ page report that measures your PMO health across 9 different categories and then provides you detailed feedback on each of the 9 areas. If you’re strong in this area, I’ll give you ideas to improve even more. If you’re not so strong, I’ll let you know how to get started in building the PMO muscle necessary to thrive with your PMO this year.  

2023 was a tough year for a lot of companies and executives are going to be searching the organization for the trusted people that can help them achieve their goals this year. I want that trusted advisor to be you, IMPACT Driver! 

So, take my comprehensive PMO and project health assessment that evaluates how well you are currently positioned and gives you my best advice on how to take the next steps in elevating your IMPACT in 2024.  

We’re looking at the nine most important areas you can make an IMPACT right now: 

  1. Reputation and Influence 
  2. Stakeholder Engagement 
  3. Organizational Change Management 
  4. Performance Management 
  5. Strategic Alignment 
  6. Portfolio Management 
  7. Governance 
  8. Training and Career Development  
  9. Project Management  


Check out this episode to learn more about this assessment then head over here to take the assessment today. You’ll also get an invitation to join me live on January 30th to review your results and help you create your action plan for high-IMPACT success in 2024.  


P.S. – Make sure to take our PMO Health Assessment today and then join me live on January 30th to build your high-IMPACT action plan for your best year yet.  

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Laura Barnard