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Show Notes:

Today we are talking about a very important topic that applies to every single one of us at some point or another. We’re talking about how to avoid burnout or recover from it if you’re already experiencing burnout while achieving your goals, especially your big, scary audacious goals as we start getting closer to the end of the year.

There is no one better to talk about this topic with us today, then my dear friend Beth Genly. Beth is a Yale-educated coach and speaker and the heart of her company Burnout Solutions. She’s co-author of the groundbreaking book, Save Yourself from Burnout: A System to Get Your Life Back. Beth supports hardworking professionals who are really killing it and nearly killing themselves in the process to build a life that optimizes their careers and their wellbeing. Beth, thank you so much for being here.

We’ll cover:

  • How to recognize burnout
  • Can you get good sleep and still be burned out?
  • When are big hairy audacious goals the wrong move?
  • 5 components to recognizing and recovering from burnout

Links mentioned:

Download Beth’s Burnout Shield at https://burnout-solutions.com/stretchgoals/

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