020: The Secret to a PMO They’ll Love

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Show Notes:

Today we are talking about what do you need to do to ensure the PMO that you are setting up or that you are running is really hitting the nail on the head? I want you to ensure you are doing what is most valued, what is most important in your organization so that you truly have a sustainable IMPACT Engine PMO. Tune in for applicable information whether you are just starting out or already have a PMO established to:

  • learn how to deal with impatient stakeholders and sponsors when setting up a PMO
  • the wrong reasons to start a PMO (yes there are some!)
  • what are the typical stakeholder challenges to look for?
  • the importance of quantifying pain points
  • what to assess when assessing for conflict? team members? stakeholders? sponsors? and culture?
  • why understanding relationships are critical to your success

You have to slow down, to speed up.

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