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One of the greatest misconceptions in project management is that the project manager “owns” the project. However, what does the project manager own? The resources? The budget? The scope? The reality is that the project manager does not own these decisions, rather the project manager influences the decisions. John Maxwell says, “Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less.”

Rick Morris will explore how to influence key areas of a project ethically and responsibly. How do you influence dates? How do you get the resources you deserve? How do you handle the typical conflict that dooms projects before they even start? How do you deal with methodology changes? How can you influence waterfall requests in an Agile world? Rick will review time tested techniques and reveal the art of ethical influence in a keynote presentation that you do not want to miss!

PMI Talent Triangle: Leadership


Rick is the owner of R2 Consulting and is an evangelist for project management. He is an internationally sought-after speaker delivering keynote presentations for conferences and PMI events around the world. At the age of 11, Rick was a Walt Disney World Performer. In high school, he worked on the New Mickey Mouse Club. Taking the experience of his youth and blending it with the knowledge he attained throughout his career, Rick has been able to inspire and mentor many project managers. His blend of experience and delivery style makes his passion for the profession contagious.